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Communication Networks and Systems Security


About the Program

The aim of the programme is to provide the opportunity for students/professionals to acquire and enhance in depth knowledge and skills in response to the new challenges in the fields of Communication Networks and Systems Security in the following areas: Core networks | Access networks, wireless and optical | Cloud technologies | Future Internet | Photonic technology | New generation of components and systems | Cryptography | Wireless and Optical Network Security | Internet security | Security and privacy of information and systems


  • Graduates of Informatics, Computer Engineering and Computer Science Departments in Greece
  • Graduates of Applied Science and Engineering Faculty Departments with strong background in Informatics/Computer Science

Number of Approved Students

The number of approved students is set to fourty (40) postgraduate students per year.



Great point average, relevance of the B.Sc. degree, and transcript, Success in personal interview, Language skills, Research/professional activity, Publications.


Duration of the program

The duration of the programme is 3 semesters minimum, for full-time students including the time for the Master Thesis. Part-time attendance is foreseen for employee students for a total duration up to 6 semesters.



Το ανώτατο όριο των τελών φοίτησης αναφέρεται στο ΦΕΚ ίδρυσης του ΠΜΣ. Δύνανται να αναπροσαρμοστούν εντός του ανώτατου ορίου που προσδιορίζει το ΦΕΚ ίδρυσης.


Courses On the following page you can find all courses of the MSc "Communication Networks and Systems Security". Courses per semester



May 31

Lecture of Professor Petros Maragos

Αμφιθέατρο Ι του κτιρίου ΚΕΔΕΑ 14:00